Pastoral Letter - 1/2015

Dear People of God During this period of Lent, 2015, I would like you to reflect, pray, and live with me the themes, our Pope Francis has been constantly reminding us in his talks, sermons and addresses to special Synods and to universal world audience. This year, he promulgated as the year of Consecrated Life, redirecting the lives and service of religious Priests, Bishops, Brothers and Sisters. The year of the Consecrated Life also coincides with the World Meeting of Families, in which Pope Francis is highly concerned with the problems and trends of all families so much influenced and affected by the world culture... Read More

Welcome to Diocese of Palayamkottai

To witness and to spread the good news in the diocese of Palayamkottai, South India through prayer, sacrifice and service to every one without any discrimination of caste or creed, health or poverty, by building up basic Christian and human communities by sharing the Gospel value especially through mass media communication and trying to fulfill the basic needs of the people in order to bring out the hidden image of Christ in all the people and thus establish the kingdom of God though the inter religious harmony. And in this way a witnessing, Christian and God-centered community

St.Francis Xavier

FRANCIS XAVIER, ST. (1506-1552). Born in the family castle of Xavier, near Pamplona in the Basque area of Spanish Navarre on Apr. 7, he was sent to the University of Paris 1525, secured his licentiate in 1528, met Ignatius Loyola and became one of the seven who in 1534, at Montmartre founded the Society of Jesus. In 1536 he left Paris to join Ignatius in Venice, from whence they all in tended to go as missionaries to Palestine (a trip which never materialized), was ordained there in 1537, went to Rome in 1538,.. Read More

Prayer for 2011


Congrats to Dr. Fr. Xavier Arulraj - Senior Advocate Designated Senior Advocate As per the Advocate ...Read More>>

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Way of Cross Most Rev S.Iruthayaraj D.D.,D.C.L.,



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