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Official Notification of the dismissal of
Rev. Thusnevish IRUTHAYARAJ
from the clerical state

149/2011-36105                                                           13 July 2011

His Excellency
Most Reverend Arockiasamy Jude Gerald PAULRAJ
Bishop of Palayamkottai
P.O.Box 108, Palayamkottai - 627002
Tirunelveli Dt., Tamil Nadu, INDIA.

Your Excellency,
On 8 April 2011 this Congregation received the documentation you sent regarding Rev.Thusnevish IRUTHAYARAJ, a priest of the Diocese of Wabag (Papua New Guinea), who is residing within your jurisdiction. The cleric, having abandoned the Catholic Church, recently founded an independent Church for Dalits thus incurring the delict of schism.

This Dicastery, after a careful and attentive study of the facts, has noted that Rev.Iruthayaraj refuses to be reconciled and to collaborate with the local ecclesiastical authorities. As a consequence of his contumacy, the cleric’s behavior is generating confusion and scandal among the faithful. Therefore, having considered the current situation and wishing to clarify his canonical status, this Dicastery has decided to support your request that the above-mentioned priest be dismissed ex officio et in poenam from the clerical state.

On 1st July 2011 the Supreme Pontiff decreed that the Rev.Thusnevish Iruthayaraj is dismissed ex officio et in poenam from the clerical state, and is, moreover, released from all obligations of the Sacred Priesthood, including that of celibacy. Mr.Iruthayaraj will, however, remain excommunicated for the delict of schism until he decides to seek reconciliation with the competent Ecclesiastical authority.

Therefore, Your Excellency is asked kindly to inform Rev.Iruthayaraj of this grave decision according to paragraph 7 of the enclosed decree. A signed and notarized copy of the decree, as well as notification of any other arrangements made, should be returned to this Dicastery at your earliest convenience. With kind regards and prayerful best wishes, I remain Sincerely yours in Christ,

Titular Archbishop of Thibica

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