Diocese Commissions


Concentrates on creating Anbiams (Basic Christian Communities) in all villages of the Diocese. The secretary and his co-workers make periodical visits ...Read More

Backward Class (B.C)/ Most Backward Class (MBC) / Denotified Communities (DNC)

It is a new emerged commission last year in order to help the non-dalit Christians in their social, political, educational and economical developments ...Read More


Promotes the knowledge about the Bible among the faithful. Conducts seminar on the Bible for ordinary lay people in parishes. The commission organize ...Read More

Christhuva Vazhvurimai Iyakkam

To develop the social and political leadership among the Christian community and to ensure their democratic participation, thus protect and promote th ...Read More

Commission for Catechetics

Responsible for school catechism and Sunday catechism in the parishes. Conducts various seminars for teachers on catechism and examinations to the stu ...Read More


Through the means of social communication the commission strives to spread the Word of God, to preserve and promote Christian and Tamil culture. The c ...Read More


This is a commission consisting members of various religions. These members come together periodically and discuss ways and means of deepening relatio ...Read More


Organises joint services of worship among different Churches and Communities. Strives to promote unity among Christians in facing some social challeng ...Read More


This commission consists of 65 primary schools, 23 middle schools, 10 High Schools and 4 higher secondary schools, all aided by Tamilnadu Government a ...Read More


Involved in spreading the Word of God through direct and indirect evangelization. This is done by house visits, prayer meetings and gospel conventions ...Read More

Family Welfare

Primarily engaged in offering pre-marital preparation courses for the would be brides and grooms. It also conducts seminars for married people. Beside ...Read More

Health Care

It focuses on the health care of the people, not only of the sound body but also the mind and the soul. Through 22 primary health care centres, superv ...Read More

Justice, Peace and Development

This commission known as
Tirunelveli Social Service Society (T.S.S.S), a regis ...Read More


This commission plays a vital role on social, political, and economical changes and developments of the labourers. It conducts awareness programmes in ...Read More


The commission focuses on the Laity, and makes them realize and carry out their participatory role in the Ministry and Life of the Church. It arranges ...Read More

Legal Cell

This commission provides free legal aid help to the people to approach easily the court for settlement of their civil and criminal problems. It has a ...Read More


Commission for Liturgy is responsible for the proper and meaningful conduct of liturgical celebrations. It conducts on various occasions training prog ...Read More

Prison Ministry

It is a wonderful ministry done to the prisoners in the jail. Periodical visits are made to the prisons in order to help the prisoners free from their ...Read More

Scheduled Caste (S.C.) & Scheduled Tribe (S.T)

It is a special commission for Dalit Christians who, in the name of religion, are denied all privileges of the Government jobs and scholarships. It ca ...Read More


The task of this commission is to sow the seed of God's call in the minds of the young people and to promote vocation among them. Each year camps are ...Read More


Engaged in the uplift of women in the Church as well as in the society. It organaises various programme for women and helps them to realize their spec ...Read More


The commission for the Youth in committed to motivate and mould the younger generation and to channalize their energy, talents for the good of the chu ...Read More
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