Patron of Parish
Established On
Our lady of lourdes
Vicairate : Kovilpatti
Church Name : Church of Our Lady of Lourdes
Parish Priest : Rev. Fr. Charles M.
Asst. Parish Priest : Rev.Fr. Michael Raj
Address : Our Lady of Lourdes, Kalugumalai-628 552, Tuticorin Dt.
District : Thoothukudi
Telephone : 4632-251507

Parish Priest

Brief history:

Once upon a time Kalugumalai was under the region of Ettayapuram Zamindar. A particular Hindu Community which was treated like slaves, was longing for freedom and relief from the cruel hands of other Hindu. At that time they come to know about a missionary priest who was staying in Kalugumalai. They have narrated their stories and the miseries the undergone. They sought asylum from this ill treatment and humiliation. The missionary was ready to support then fought for their right provided they embrace christianity. More willingly they accepted this requested and baptized in 1984. Then onwards they become stronger in faith. The Christian community had grown day by day. Many of the people also join with them. It became a centre place. It necessitated the creation of new parish. Kalugumalai become a Parish centre on 24th January 1906. Kalugumalai is situated between Sankarankoil and Kovilpatti. Most of the people are working in match factories. Many are economically poor.

Succession of the Priests:

1. Fr. M. Arputham SJ. 2. Fr. Pasch SJ. 3. Fr. Lourdusamy SJ. 4. Fr. Y. Ignatius 5. Fr. Louis Keller SJ. 6. Fr. Joseph Pilling SJ. 7. Fr. S. Pushpanathar 8. Fr. S.M. Arulsamy 9. Fr. C.H. Immal 10. Fr. Sebastian Arikatt SJ. 11. Fr. M. Arulanandam 12. K. Jeganathar 13. Mathew T. Muttam SJ. 14. Fr. Santhanam Manuvel 15. Fr. Francis Xavier SJ. 16. Fr. P. Arulraj 17. Fr. Pascal D’ Silva 18. Fr. S. Arockiasamy 19. Fr. Amalraj 20. Fr. S.A. Annasamy 21. Fr. G.J. Amalan 22. Fr. Antony A. Cruz 23. Fr. Alphonse S. 24. Fr. S.S.J. Lawrence


  • R.C. Susai Primary School
    run by: RC Diocese Of Palayamkottai (D), Kalugumalai
  • R.C. Susai Higher Secondary School
    run by: Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel (SG), Kalugumalai
  • St. Luisa High School
    run by: Mother of Sorrows Servants of Mary (OSM), Kalugumalai
  • Don Bosco Boys’ Home
    run by: RC Diocese Of Palayamkottai (D), Kalugumalai
  • Dolours Convent Orphanage
    run by: Mother of Sorrows Servants of Mary (OSM), Kalugumalai

Sub Station With Church

  • Melanalanthula
  • Malaipatti
  • Chettikuruchi

Sub Station Without Church

  • Naiynampatty
  • Subramaniapuram
  • Malaipatty


  • Holy Childhood
  • Altar Boys’ & Girls’ Association
  • Legion of Mary
  • Loyola Youth Association (Savio Mantram)
  • Young Girls’ Association (Lourdu Annai Mantram)
  • Amalorpava Matha Sabai
  • Holy Family Association
  • Renewal Prayer Group
  • S.C.C (Anbiam)
  • St. Cecily Choir Group
  • Eucharistic Crusaders
  • Holy Childhood
  • Altar Boys’ Association
  • Legion of Mary
  • Amalorpavamatha Sabai for Young Girls
  • Viramamunivar Youth Association
  • Eucharistic Crusaders
  • Society of Vincent De Paul Renewal Prayer Group
  • Parikara Sabai for Old Women
  • Queen of Angels Sabai of Old Men
  • Matha Narpani Mantram
  • S.C.C (Anbiam)


  • Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel(SG)
  • Mother of Sorrows Servants of Mary(OSM)
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