Patron of Parish
Established On
Our lady of lourdes
Vicairate : Kovilpatti
Church Name : Church of Our Lady of Lourdes
Parish Priest : Rev. Fr. Alocius Durairaj L.
Asst. Parish Priest : Fr. Edwin Raj J
Address : Church of our Lady of Lourdes,Kayathar-628 952, Thoothukudi Dt
District : Thoothukudi
Telephone : 04632-261244

Parish Priest

Brief history:

The Kayathar Parish is well known not only for its historical importance but also for the existence of the ancient catholic community. In the beginning the small catholic community persecuted and underwent a lot of untold miseries. The Kayathar land stands not only for patriotism but it also tell the persecution of catholic Ulagandan, the village headman ill-treated the catholics. But the converted christians welcomed the persecution with dazzling and winsome smile. The chapel was also demolished. But boon crucial situation turned against Ulagandan who was defeated by the Rajah. The church was rebuilt. For a long time they had a small thatched roof church. In 1987 the foundation was laid for, new church and it was completed in 1882 after facing and breaking all obstacles and hurdles put by the Mohammedans. In 1882 Msgr. Canoz blessed and celebrated the first mass. Though Kayathar community was the most ancient one in the south, it became the parish centre only on 1st September 1949 with Fr. P.K. Mathew as its first parish priest. Kayathar is in trunk road. It developed very fast. This parish people were bought in strong faith. Very many development works were carried out to uplift the people. 

Succession of the Priests:

1. Fr. Siluvaisamy 2. Fr. Gnanasamy 3. Fr. Delinger 4. Fr. Britto 5. Fr. Mathew 6. Fr. Valentine Dias SJ 7. Fr. Anthony 8. Fr. Jeyabalan 9. Fr. Arockiasamy 10. Fr. Vianneyraj 11. Fr. Devarajan 12. Fr. Charles 13. Fr. James 14. Fr. F. Gnanapragasam 15. Fr. Peter A. 16. Fr. Joseph Kennedy A


  • R.C. Susai Primary School
    run by: RC Diocese Of Palayamkottai (D), Kayathar
  • R.C. Fatima Middle School
    run by: RC Diocese Of Palayamkottai (D), Kayathar
  • R.C. Middle School
    run by: RC Diocese Of Palayamkottai (D), Panneerkulam
  • R.C. Primary School
    run by: RC Diocese Of Palayamkottai (D) , Akilandapuram
  • R.C. Middle School
    run by: RC Diocese Of Palayamkottai (D), Vellalankottai
  • Vinnarasi Technical Training Centre
    run by: RC Diocese Of Palayamkottai (D) , Kayathar

Sub Station With Church

  • Kayathar South
  • Vadakku Mylodai
  • Panneerkulam
  • Agilandapuram
  • Kumaragiri
  • Kammapatti
  • Veppankulam
  • Vellalankottai
  • Villicheri
  • Chatrapatti
  • Vadakku Ilanthaikulam
  • Jivanoor

Sub Station Without Church

  • Ilavelankal
  • Kodangal
  • Onamakulam
  • Asoor
  • Meithalaivanpatti
  • Athikulam
  • Raja Pudukudi
  • Thangammalpuram


  • Holy Childhood
  • Eucharistic Crusaders
  • Catechism Academy
  • Young Boys’ Association
  • Young Girls’ Association
  • Legion of Mary
  • Society of Vincent De Paul
  • Renewal Prayer Team
  • Viagula Matha Sabai
  • S.C.C (Anbiam)


  • Congregation of the Immaculate Conception(CIC)
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