Patron of Parish
Established On
Holy redeemer
Vicairate : Sankarankovil
Church Name : Holy Redeemer's Church
Parish Priest : Rev. Fr. Arulraj V.K.S.
Asst. Parish Priest : -
Address : Holy Redeemer’sChurch, Puliyangudi-627 855 Tirunelveli Dt.
District : Tirunelveli
Telephone : 04636-235197

Parish Priest

Brief history:

In the olden days Puliyangudi was one among the various sub-stations of vast and versatile Parish Sendamaram. St. James Church of Puliyangudi has its old history which tells vividly the story of the spread of Christianity. From the authentic documents it is known has Christians were living in Tadampatti, Punnaiyarpuram, and Nadupatti even in 17th century. If we go through the 18th century Tamil Nadu History we can find out the blood shed of the Christians caused by the Muslims. The same unwanted incident happened in Tadampatti also. The Church was destroyed by the troops of Navab in 1736. Their fantiasm paved the way for a fantastic growth of Christianity. They ferventualy hoped that Christianity would fade away but actually it flourished. Really their destruction helped for the concrete construction of Christianity. After the ruin of Tadampatti the 20 Christian families took refuge at Punnaivanam, where St. James Church was built with the help of Talaivankottai Zamindar. Again the Church was rebuilt by one Gnanapragasam Pillai, and was complied by his son Viagappa Pillai. Later it was remodeled by a Christian Moopanar of Sendamaram. In June 1968 Puliyangudi was detached from Sendamaram and became a separate Parish with Rev. Fr. P. Gnanapragasam as its first Parish Priest. A decent house was built at cost of Rs. 40,000 and blessed by Rev. Durai Raj on 20th June 1976. The centenary of this Church was celebrated on 26.06.1983. During his period, people were well brought up in spiritual life. The centaury of this church was celebrated on 26th June 1983. The entire Priest those have been there, have put their whole spirit to develop the people economically and spiritually. People are saying devoted and faithful.

Succession of the Priests:

1.Fr. P. Gnanapragasam 2. Fr. A.S. Durairaj 3. Fr. Annasamy 4. Fr. James Nicholas 5. Fr. M.S. Salette 6. Fr. Alocius Durairaj 7. Fr. G.J. Amalan 8. Fr. P. Amalraj 9. Fr. Joseph Johnson 10. Fr. Joseph Kennedy 11. Fr. Lawrence S.S.J (interim) 12. Fr. Thisai Gerry 13. Fr. Bosco (interim) 14. Fr. Vianneyraj 15. Fr. P. Amalraj, 16. Fr. Arulraj S.M., 17. Amirtharaja Sundar J., Fr. Selvaraj M, ⦁ Fr. Arul Raj VKS


  • R.C. Primary School
    run by: RC Diocese Of Palayamkottai (D), Puliyangudi
  • R.C. High School
    run by: RC Diocese Of Palayamkottai (D), Puliyangudi
  • R.C. Middle School
    run by: RC Diocese Of Palayamkottai (D), Chinthamani
  • R.C. Primary School
    run by: RC Diocese Of Palayamkottai (D), Ramasamipuram
  • R.C. Primary School
    run by: RC Diocese Of Palayamkottai (D), Vellaikavundanpatti
  • R.C. Primary School
    run by: RC Diocese Of Palayamkottai (D), Chockampatti

Sub Station With Church

  • T.N. Pudukudi
  • Chinthamani
  • Punnaivanam
  • Ramasamipuram
  • Nagaram
  • Vellaikavundanpatti
  • Thalaivankottai
  • Malayadikurichi
  • Chockanpatti

Sub Station Without Church

  • Ayyapuram
  • Muthusamipuram
  • Sundaresapuram
  • Muthukrishnapuram
  • Krishnapuram
  • Kadayanallur
  • Kumanthapuram


  • Holy Childhood
  • Altar Boys & Girls’ Association
  • Eucharistic Crusaders
  • Young Women’s Association
  • Young Men’s Association
  • Legion of Mary
  • Society of Vincent de Paul
  • Renewal Prayer Team
  • S.C.C (Anbiam)


  • Franciscan Sisters of St. Aloysious Gonzaga(FSAG)
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