Patron of Parish
Established On
Our lady of immaculate conception
Vicairate : Sankarankovil
Church Name : Church of immaculate conception
Parish Priest : Rev.Fr. Antonydass, HGN
Asst. Parish Priest : -
Address : Church of Immaculate Conception, Chidambarapuram, Kuruvikulam (via)-627 754, Tiruneveli District
District : Tirunelveli
Telephone : 4636-284261

Parish Priest

Brief history:

The History of Christianity in Chidambarapuram goes back to 17th century. It was said that Fr. Joseph Beschi Veeramamunivar who came to South India to Evangelize Christ visited this place. Seeing the people’s thirst for God. He proclaimed gospel. Mr. Ganadran came forward to follow Christ. He was baptized. Following his footsteps. Irullappan Moopan and Sankaralinga Moopan got baptized. This was the origin of Christianity. A thatched shed was output for worship, mass and prayer. In early stage, Chidambarapuram was under the Jurisdiction of Kalugumalai Parish Fr. Vila Bosco S.J. Parish Priest of Kalugumalai was impressed by their devotion and visited them often. After him Fr. Ignachiar P.P of Kalugumalai came often to say mass. Slowly the thatched shed being converted into concrete church by the great effort of Fr. Louis Keller. Good number donor came forward to contribute for this purpose. In 1937, Fr. Joseph billing a presbytery near by the church. In 1941 Chidambarapuram was established a separate parish by most Rev. Peter Leonard Fr. Joseph billing was appointed as first parish priest of Chidambarapuram. A lot of pastoral and developmental had been carried out by the priests who were here. People were well brought up in spiritual life Fr. Pinto built a church in Meenthuli on 1941. During the time of Fr. Lourdu Upagaram, congregation of the sisters of Immaculate conception came to serve the people

Succession of the Priests:

1.Fr. Joseph Pilling SJ 2. Fr. P.A. Pinto SJ. 3. Fr. S. Lourdu Upagaram 4. Fr. Jesudasan 5. Fr. M.A. Thamburaj 6. Fr. T.A. Michael 7. Fr. Kullas 8. Fr. Maria Michael 9. Fr. Joachim 10. Fr. Nicholas 11. Fr. Alphonse 12. Fr. F. Gnanapragasam 13. Fr. Susaimanickam 14. Fr. Sahayadasan 15. Fr. Amalraj 16. Fr. Jeyabalan 17. Fr. Rex Justin 18. Fr. Alocius Durairaj 19. Fr. Viagapparaj 20. Fr. Amirtharaja Sundar 21. Fr. S.A. Antonysamy 22. Fr. Salette Mariadoss HGN


  • R.C. Middle School
    run by: RC Diocese Of Palayamkottai (D), Chidambarapuram
  • R.C. Middle School,
    run by: RC Diocese Of Palayamkottai (D), Meenthulli
  • R.C. Primary School
    run by: RC Diocese Of Palayamkottai (D), Rengasamuthram
  • Amala Annai High School
    run by: RC Diocese Of Palayamkottai (D), Rengasamuthram
  • R.C. Primary School
    run by: RC Diocese Of Palayamkottai (D), Thonugal
  • R.C. Primary School
    run by: RC Diocese Of Palayamkottai (D), Mahendravadi
  • R.C. Primary School
    run by: RC Diocese Of Palayamkottai (D), Sevelkulam
  • R.C. Primary School
    run by: RC Diocese Of Palayamkottai (D), Alagunachiyarpuram
  • Infant Jesus dispensary
    run by: Congregation of Immaculate Conception (C.I.C.), Chidambarapuram

Sub Station With Church

  • Meenthuli
  • Rengasamuthiram
  • Mahendravadi
  • Thonugal
  • Vagaikulam
  • Sevelkulam
  • Jerusalem Dharmanagar
  • Jesunathapuram
  • Puduvalunagar

Sub Station Without Church

  • Malayankulam
  • Ilanthikulam
  • Usilankulam
  • Maruthakinaru
  • Alaguneri
  • Gopala Krishnapuram
  • Kurinjakulam
  • Meenachipuram
  • Kallikulam


  • Eucharistic Crusaders
  • Holy Childhood
  • Legion of Mary
  • Vincent De Paul
  • Renewal Prayer Team
  • Don Bosco Youth Association
  • Young Women Association
  • . S.C.C (Anbiam)


  • Congregation of the Immaculate Conception(CIC)
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